Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Daughter's Ear Piercing

We have to do ear piercing for my daughter (She is around two years four months) on 25th Jan 2007 between 12 PM and 12:30 PM. I spent good amount of time in finding out ear piercing methods and was oscillating between traditional way of piercing (with needle) versus gun shot. Finally choose the Gun Shot after speaking to couple of friends. Some of the concerns of Gun Shot seems to be danger of Contamination as Gun's can't be properly sterilized, but after considering the pain etc, we took that risk.

Once we have gone for Gun Shot, we called every Jewellery shop around central parts of the Bangalore and found out Alukkas Jewellery has the Gun and they do ear piercing. We went there and saw the Gun, it looked new and clean. We also saw the sterilized studs. By this time we also realized most of the hospitals too do the ear piercing. We contacted Manipal Hosital, Sagar Appolo Hospital, Mallya Hospital, Apporva Diagnostics and Sagar Clinic. All of them said, they will do but except Mallya and Apporva every one ran out of Studs at the same time and they can do only after ten days. Except Mallya Hospital, every other hospital an ENT doctor will do the ear piercing, in Mallya plastic surgeon does it. Unfortunately for the doctor at Mallya our timings aren't feasible and at apporva the ENT doctor is on vacation. That left us with Alukkas and we have decided to go ahead with it.

Mean while, I saw some ear piercing videos at youtube and some of them cried badly and some of them coped well but overall those who went for gun shot are better off (from pain point of view). We went exactly at 12 PM on that day to Alukkas. My daughter didn't realize till the first ear's piercing is done and the stud is in. That's when she realized pain and started crying and wasn't agreeing for the piercing of the other ear. This is where piercing of the two ears with the help of two guns and two people would be great. Some how we controlled her and second ear was pierced and all done. It took approximately 5 mins and they charged Rs 150. In another fifteen minutes after buying her some chocos she stopped crying but kept on saying it is paining. We gave some pain killer drops and by the evening she is okay and we are relieved.