Thursday, February 22, 2007

Women to get equal wimbledon prize money

Till today (not officially announced yet), Wimbledon was defiant over equal pay for Women and Men.
This is going to change for this year. The Wimbledon Championships will hand women and men equal prize money for the first time at this year's tournament. Similar to the US and Australian Opens, equal rewards will be offered right from the first-round losers in all events. The French Open only offers the same cheque to the champions.

There seems to be section of people, who believe women in tennis should be paid less because, they pay less sets and spends less time in the court. This enables them to play in doubles, mixed doubles etc. Top men players rarely plays in double because of the taxing. Overall women tennis players seems to make more money than men.

I am not arguing one in favour of other. My only point, should this be applied in other sports such as Soccer and Cricket?